Come and strengthen your expertise and gain a clear view of your own role as a whistleblower. Take a look at the Whistleblower protection training on eOppiva already today!

By clicking on the image you can learn more about the training on the eOppiva website (in Finnish and Swedish)

The Whistleblower Act training project of the Ministry of Justice published the new Whistleblower protection training in March 2024. This practical training is open to everyone, and it provides the entire personnel of your organisation with important information about the importance of the Whistleblower Act and the role of whistleblowers.

The Whistleblower Act makes it easier to detect and report misconduct in the work environment. The legislation provides for a secure and confidential channel for submitting reports and offers whistleblowers protection from any countermeasures. Employees should know what to do when they observe infringements.

The training provides a high-quality review of the key concepts of the Whistleblower Act and helps to identify the situations to which the legislation is applied. In addition, it clarifies the matters which, when reported, may fall under whistleblower protection. The training answers questions of who receives protection and what the whistleblowing process is like. By learning more about the Whistleblower Act, employees can identify their own rights and be encouraged to report any misconduct they observe.

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