Anti-corruption strategy

A draft anti-corruption strategy has been drawn up for Finland. The long-term objective of the strategy is to create a society where corruption cannot take hold or go unnoticed.

Studies show that there is structural corruption in Finland. Structural corruption is more difficult to detect than open street-level corruption occurring in many other countries. High-risk sectors are the construction sector, public procurement, community planning and politics. 

The low level of anti-corruption measures, lack of monitoring and transparency, and difficulties in identifying corruption are generally considered the main reasons for the prevalence of corruption.

Finland should intensify its national anti-corruption efforts. Several international organisations have also urged us to do so.

We need a long-term strategy to ensure that anti-corruption measures are consistent and focused and that the participants are committed to the work. The goal must be a society where corruption cannot take hold or go unnoticed.

Cooperation network has drawn up a draft strategy

One of the tasks of the anti-corruption cooperation network was to draw up an anti-corruption strategy for Finland. 

In January 2015, the network appointed a working group to prepare a draft strategy. The cooperation network approved the draft in June 2016 and submitted it to the Ministry of Justice in February 2017 after a consultation process. The Government has not yet adopted the strategy.

Draft strategy highlights necessary development targets

The draft strategy includes a detailed overview of the current corruption situation in Finland. Based on the overview, the draft defines ambitious yet necessary objectives for Finland's anti-corruption efforts.

The draft strategy includes a plan of action outlining the practical measures to be taken to achieve the objectives set out in the strategy. The parties responsible for each measure are also defined. A joint effort of several authorities, businesses and organisations is required to combat corruption successfully.

The draft strategy (in Finnish) is available at the Institutional Repository for the Government.