Do the right thing

Whether you are a private individual, public official, politician or business representative, your example affects the general atmosphere.

Prevention of corruption is everyone's responsibility. By acting the right way, you can do your part for a corruption-free society and ensure that there is as little corruption in your organisation as possible.

Quick tips for combating corruption:

  • Act in a transparent manner and share information. This supports democracy and reduces opportunities for corrupt practices.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and dual roles. This makes it easier for you to act impartially.
  • Remember equal treatment. All cooperation partners are on equal footing, including your friends and relatives.

In unclear cases, you can always ask yourself a few questions.

Consider these:

  • Am I acting lawfully?
  • Am I acting ethically?
  • Are my actions just and justified?
  • Can I stand behind my decisions and actions?
  • How do my actions seem from outside?
  • What kind of example am I setting for others?