The Whistleblower Act is based on the EU Whistleblower Directive. Its area of application comprehensively covers various sectors in which reporting and revealing misconduct is necessary from the point of view of public interest. 

Read more about the matters subject to the Whistleblower Act by clicking the areas of legislation below. Which areas of legislation are the most connected to your work? Pay particular attention to them. 
The prerequisite for applying the legislation is that the infringement involves the possibility of one of the following consequences: 

  1. the offense or negligence is punishable, meaning that it may result in a fine, for example 
  2. the offense or negligence may result in an administrative penalty, such as a penalty fee, or 
  3. the offense or negligence may seriously endanger the realisation of the public interest.

However, national state aid and grants, violations of national competition law and violations of tax rules or arrangements made to obtain a tax advantage are included in the area of application of the legislation regardless of the possible consequences of the reported breach. You can read more about the area of application below.