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Anti-Corruption.fi provides information and tools for combating corruption.

Anti-Corruption.fi is a website managed and maintained by the Ministry of Justice. It provides both ordinary citizens and professional operators with impartial and fact-based information on corruption and its prevention in Finland. The goal is a transparent, impartial and corruption-free culture and society.

The website’s contents are produced by the anti-corruption cooperation network, which is the local anti-corruption body in Finland. The cooperation network has also drawn up a draft national anti-corruption strategy. The strategy sets out objectives for anti-corruption work in Finland, and one of them is to increase awareness about corruption.

Anti-Corruption.fi is managed and maintained by the Unit for Criminal Policy and Crime Prevention of the Ministry of Justice. The aim is to provide accurate and up-to-date information. The Ministry of Justice is not responsible for any possible technical errors on the website. Nor is the Ministry responsible for any harm caused by technical problems or any material published by external parties and linked to the website.

The pages in Finnish offer the widest range of information. The key contents will also be made available in Swedish and English.


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