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Publication date 3.12.2018 9.00 | Published in English on 3.12.2018 at 12.49
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Welcome! Fighting corruption is everyone's responsibility, and it also works for everyone's benefit. is a new website aiming to increase awareness about corruption and its prevention in Finland. The website provides both ordinary citizens and professional operators with information and tools for creating a transparent and just society.

It is important that we all strive to recognise and prevent corruption in our own surroundings. To be able to do that, we need to be aware of the different forms corruption can take and the adverse effects it can have. Therefore, raising awareness is one of the most important goals for anti-corruption work in Finland.

Finland's anti-corruption objectives and measures are defined in the draft anti-corruption strategy. The long-term objective is to create a society where corruption cannot take hold or go unnoticed.

The website is managed and maintained by the Unit for Criminal Policy and Crime Prevention of the Ministry of Justice. The website’s contents are produced by the anti-corruption cooperation network, which is the local anti-corruption body in Finland.

The site is still in progress

Most of the contents of this website will also be made available in Swedish and English. The Swedish and English versions will be completed over the next few weeks.

Completely new content will also be added later on. Information on important updates will be published under 'News', where you can also find other news and press releases.

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